Debunking 4 Common Landscape Photography Myths

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4. You Should Always be thinking about “Proper” Composition!


Rule of Thirds. Golden Ratio. Leading lines. All of these “rules” are called rules because they are found in images with near-universal appeal. But just because these photography rules exist doesn’t mean that you have to follow them all the time.

The way you decide to convey a subject, be it a cityscape or a person, is entirely up to you. Sometimes it takes breaking all the rules to create a unique angle. This is especially true with subjects everyone’s seen a thousand times. Following the universal rules on a photograph of the Eiffel Tower or the Grand Canyon will create a “technically beautiful” image but it’s also something your audience has seen a thousand times already. You’ll have to get abstract if you want to do something interesting. How well that final image turns out may be more a matter of individual taste – but then, not every photograph needs to sell. Sometimes it’s enough that you alone enjoy the slice of life you’ve captured.

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