Debunking 4 Common Landscape Photography Myths

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2. You Need Good Gear to be a Good Photographer!

People have been taking great images for as long as there have been cameras. And the cameras of even a few years ago pale in comparison to what’s available now. And those cameras were incredible compared to what was available way before. In 1999, Nikon came out with the D1. It featured an incredible 2.72 megapixels on a full-frame sensor and 4.5 frames per second continuous drive for only $6000 (just over $9000 in 2018 dollars). It was the first digital SLR and considered a professional level model. Plenty of people praised the image quality then. Now there are people who find 24 megapixels to be not enough.

What’s enough really does depend on you? It’s true that landscape photographers tend to use higher resolution sensors in order to maximize the fine details that come up in scenes of forests or mountains. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take great images without spending tons of money. What’s more, you may have noticed that the most expensive gear today is usually bargain priced in a couple more years. And is outdated a few more years after that. Pick a gear that hits all of the right notes for you as a photographer. Ease of use, image quality, price, etc. But don’t get caught up in competing for the best and newest equipment constantly if you simply enjoy taking good photos!

3. Professionals Always Shoot in Manual!

Manual Mode

Not always true. Aperture Priority (Av) and Shutter Priority (Tv) definitely have their places. If the lighting is fairly unchallenging and I’m concerned mostly with the depth of field of the image (how much of the scene is in sharp focus) then why not stick with Av Mode? Let the intelligence of the camera decide on the shutter speed.

If I’m trying to create motion blur (or eliminate it) likewise Tv Mode will work just fine. And if the exposure isn’t quite where I want it Exposure Compensation can adjust things nicely. Manual Mode DOES give you the utmost control of your final product. But your camera is pre-loaded with all that intelligent software for a reason – make use of it when it’s to your advantage.

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