4 Tips for Building an Effective Landscape Photography Portfolio

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2. Review Your Work

Landscape Photography

After each photography session, come home and spend some time reviewing your photographs. This means really looking through them and coming up with some assessments of your work. Where could you have done better? Which parts of your photographs are working well? What do you need to do in order to bring the other parts up to the same standard?

If you know any other photographers, or you can find a meet-up group near you, it’s a good idea to show your images to others as well. They may be able to give you tips from a technical or compositional perspective that non-photographers wouldn’t know about. Don’t be afraid to learn from others.

You can also look at the images produced by some of the masters of landscape photography and compare your own work to them. Think about what makes their work so much better than yours. Is it the contrast? The composition? The colors, or the choice to go monochrome? Do they have a better eye for framing? Once you figure out what you are missing, it is much easier to find it.

You can also try doing a Google search for the location that you have photographed. Go through the image results and pick out your favorite five images that come up. Are they better than yours? Do they demonstrate ways in which you could have improved?

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