Top 10 Tips for Photographing Intimate Landscapes

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3)  Work inside a box

I know, normally we tell people to think outside the box.  For an intimate landscape, imagine a box ten or 15 feet square and you and your camera are right in the center.  What compositions can you find within that box?  Keep looking until you’ve found at least two or three shots.

At Going-to-the-Sun Point in Glacier National Park a few years ago, the sunset was mediocre, so I started looking around for something else to shoot.  Just a few feet away, on the side of a rock formation, was some colorful lichen that made a much more interesting photo than a bland sunset would have.

Lichen on a rock.


Looking down and around, I found this rock with a fallen leaf on it.  The shape of the rock wasn’t particularly interesting but the texture was, so I came in close and shot the image you see below.

Leaf on textured rock.

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