10 Most Important Tips to Improve Your Landscape Photography for Professional Output

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4. Use of Tripod

Example: Use of tripod

The main use of Tripod is to prevent the camera from shaking while using it. Most of the professional photographers recommend using it. It can be heavy in carrying, but its function is very important to be left behind.

5. Use of Depth of Field

Example: Perfect Representation of Depth of Field

This is a very important yet complex topic. Even a basic understanding of DOF will help in taking better photographs.

  • DOF is represented on most cameras as f/## (digits).
  • A smaller DOF (lower aperture numbers) means only the focused area you focus will be sharp.
  • A larger DOF (higher aperture numbers) means everything starting from the foreground to the background will be focussed.

For example in the below example if we select first value, then only a particular area will focus whereas selecting the last value will focus on the entire scene.

  • f/4 (Only that focal plane will be in focus)
  • f/5.6
  • f/8
  • f/11
  • f/13
  • f/16
  • f/18
  • f/20
  • f/22 (Entire scene will be in focus and sharp)

Note: Some camera lenses will provide lower and higher DOF options, as well as more granular options. Also, note that DOF results vary from lens to lens.

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