15 Most Renowned Landscape Photographers in the World

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Nature is an incredible sight to behold. Some landscapes found in waterfalls, rivers, mountains, and vegetation are so breathtaking and leave us in awe. There are unique, far above our imagination landscapes to view in the globe. However, certain limitations may hinder us from exploring all these fantastic sites. This is why landscape photographers have taken it upon themselves to travel and shoot some of the world’s most exquisite sceneries so that we can experience them in pictures. Talking of landscape photographers, here are some of the top ones that have won out hearts.

1.  Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams, a well renowned American photographer, celebrated for using photography as a means of preserving America’s natural treasures. Other than being a photographer, he was an environmentalist, a fact that is visibly underlined in his photos.

Ansel Adams photography

Adams is also known for developing a technique called Zone System, which made his images detailed, contrasted and deep. The Zone System enhanced exposure and enabled adjustment of contrast in the printed forms of his photos. Together with seven of his counterparts, such as Edward Weston and Imogen Cunningham, they endorsed the idea of precision in exposure.

The industry of photography lost a talented and passionate photographer in 1984, at the age of 82.

2. Ted Gore

Ted Gore, based in California, has been quoted to be “the true testament of nature.” His angle of capturing photos is very exceptional, thus producing unique, bold and extraordinary landscape photography. Other than having a strong portfolio, Gore lets people into his photography world by holding workshops and training videos programs.

Ted Gore photography pic

Gore is known to be a big fan of npost-production technology, a feat that certainly helps bring his images to life

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