12 Reasons Why the WCC Filter Holder is Essential for Landscape Photographers

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1. Remove the ND Between Exposures

The ability to removed the ND between exposures without disturbing critical focus and composition is so important, that it renders all other holder systems useless. It’s that important. Think about it. You traveled thousands of miles to get here, the sun is rising, you’ve only got a moment to get the perfect shot. The camera is positioned perfectly. The grad and polarizer are working their magic on the sky and water, and your final step is to drop in that dark ND and make the perfect exposure. Need to make a tiny adjustment? No problem. Just remove the ND, fine tune your image, drop the ND back in and shoot.


2. Every Filter is Independently Adjustable

The ND filter, both grad filters and the polarizer all operate independently. The key word here is “operate.” All other holder systems allow you to cram the filter into position clumsily. With the WCC system, each stage of filter can be adjusted precisely without interacting with the other filters. Grads adjust with the push of a button, NDs slide in and out gracefully, and the polarizer rotates using a geared system. The system works for you, not against you, at the most critical time (when your camera is on the tripod and shooting).

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