Evolution of a landscape photographer (in 6 stages)

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How did your interest in landscape photography start? Let me guess. You saw a nice sunset and snapped a photo of it, most likely with your phone. Back home you realize the photo is very dark, almost black, but the orange colors in the middle are so eye catching. OK, this might not be exactly you, but in my case, this was pretty much how I discovered landscape photography.

Landscapes are the most accessible subjects for any photographer independent where in the world you live. It is no coincidence landscape photography is one of the most popular genres in photography. The way a landscape photographer develops his or her skills are not so different from photographers in any other genre. It’s a learning process for better or for worse.

Here is my idea on how a landscape photographer develops. The order of the stages might differ slightly between photographers.

1. The beginner

The snapshooter

As a snap shooter, you don’t plan what and when to photograph. You always have your phone with you, so you’re ready to snap a photo whenever a situation occurs. If you have a Point and Shoot camera you rarely remember to bring it along unless you’re going for vacation.

You continue to photograph sunsets because these are the photos you family and friend give you most credit for. Other than the sunsets, most of your other photos are taken at midday, because that’s the time with plenty of light.

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