5 Photography Pitfalls to Avoid That No One Tells You About

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Taking photos is easy, but being a photographer is an entirely different proposition. Whether photography is a hobby or a full time profession, there comes a time in every photographer’s journey where you encounter a few pitfalls that no one tells you about when you are starting out. Here are five photography pitfalls to look out for, and overcome on your journey.

Kav Dadfar_DPS_Pitfalls

Photography Pitfall #1 – Becoming a Machine

Becoming a professional photographer is surely one of the highlights of any photographer’s journey. Getting paid to do what you love is what we all dream about. But whatever genre of photography you specialize in, there will inevitably come a time when you will view it as a job. You understand what photos your editor likes and will use, you understand what type of photos sell well, and you begin to become like a machine in producing these types of photos.

One of the great things about photography is that it allows you to be creative, so when you do become a machine your photos will start to all look very similar. It’s no surprise that you may, like many photographers, start to lose your passion for something that you used to love. To overcome this, set yourself some personal projects, doing something you enjoy with no pressure about making images that will sell. This is all about you exploring and experimenting with your photography, to reignite your passion. Or you could even try a completely different genre of photography, because you never know, you may find a new passion.

Kav Dadfar_DPS_Pitfalls

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