Understanding Aperture in 3 Quick & Easy Steps!

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Understanding Aperture in 3 Quick & Easy Steps!

Let me start by saying that I love aperture and I think YOU love aperture too, you just might not know it yet.

You know how sometimes you see photos that have a gorgeous blurred background and the subject just “pops” right off the screen like the photo below? Aperture helps you get that “blur” that most all of us love so much. Conversely, sometimes we don’t want the background blurred at all and we want everything in focus – aperture helps us do that too!

Aperture is one of the 3 key elements that work together to create an exposure and before you can expect to start getting the most out of your camera you must first gain an understanding for the basics of exposure and really have a good grasp on aperture.  We’ll also talk about those other 2 elements, shutter-speed and ISO in another article.

Here’s exactly what you will discover today so we can ensure when you are done reading, you’ll have a deeper understanding of aperture.

  1. Understanding what is aperture in photography
  2. How aperture is measured
  3. How aperture relates to depth of field
  4. What should you set your aperture to?
  5. When should you use aperture priority mode?
  6. Suggested aperture settings for photographing people to maintain focus.
  7. Understanding aperture key takeaways
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